The Yitzhak Navon Heritage Center   

I am overcome with gratitude for the opportunity I was given to serve my people in hard times, to have had a role, small as it may have been, in shaping the nation, and to have laid a brick or two in the magnificent wall that is our nation  | Yitzhak Navon , July  22, 2011  

Teacher and educator; diplomat, Member of Knesset, and Minister of Culture and Education; the fifth President of Israel; Deputy Prime Minister; author and playwright; a man of peace who wholly believed in our ability to achieve peace with our neighbors


“My soul sinks down under the weight of your love” (Yitzhak Navon, paraphrasing Hayim Nahman Bialik)

The Yitzhak Navon Heritage Center endeavors to commemorate Navon’s life and legacy and instill his values of solidarity, tolerance, mutual responsibility, and multiculturalism in all walks of Israel society.

Join us in making Yitzhak Navon’s important legacy accessible to all. Any donation will be greatly appreciated 🙂 The Association holds a permit for public institutions for the matter of donations according to Article 46 of the Income Tax Act.